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Церемония открытия. Приветственное слово организаторов

Секция 1. Теория и практика программной инженерии

Energy efficient software development process evaluation for MacOS devices Shokhista Ergasheva
Combining Two Modelling Approaches: GQM and KAOS Nursultan Askarbekuly
The Strategic Technical Debt ManagementModel: an Empirical Proposal Daniel Russo
Emotional Contagion in Open Software Collaborations Luigi Benedicenti
InnoMetrics Dashboard: The design, and implementation of the Adaptable Dashboard for Energy-Efficient Applications using Open Source tools Dragos Strugar
Risk reduction in software development based on self-regulatory system methods Olga Medvedeva

Секция 2. Практические примеры разработки автоматизированных систем

Development of the method and the information technology for decision-making, modeling and planning of business processes Anna Antonova
The Ecosystem of openKONSEQUENZ Nikolay Harutyunyan
A Solution for Smart Contract-based Parking Nikolay Buldakov
Development of a mobile app for iOS using Google Mobile Vision Kirill Dolganov
The development of data collectors for energy efficiency assessment Daniel Atonge
.NET Runtime and Tools for Tizen Operating System Alexander Soldatov
Design and Development of a Speech Processing System Based on Stemming Methods Andrey Tarasiev

Секция 3. Системный анализ, обработка информации

Measuring System for Studying Quality of Welded Joints of Titanium Plates by Using Subminiature Eddy Current Transducers Vladimir Malikov
Linear regression, gradient descent and gradient descent’s types in machine learning Daniil Solovjov
Review of the investment project: information system to automate the interaction of bloggers and advertisers Grigory Alexeev
Analysis of discrete automatic control system under the conditions of unfull information and uncertainty Artur Sagdatullin
Optimization on smooth manifolds Maxim Balashov


Секция 4. Теория и практика программной инженерии

An XQuery Specification for Requests with Preferences on XML Databases Maurice TchoupÉ Tchendji
Automated knowledge testing software program system Dinara Arslanova
Using FLOSS for storing, processing and linking corpus data Olga Nevzorova
Combining Agile Software Development and User Centered Design Yekaterina Pakhtusova
An Empirical Analysis of the Maintainability Evolution of Open Source Systems Gerta Kapllani
An open source environment for a Scrum-like development model Paolo Ciancarini
An Empirical Investigation of Sentiment Analysis of the Bug Tracking process Apostolos Kritikos

Секция 5. Практические примеры разработки автоматизированных систем

Organization of cluster systems based on the PCI Express switching environment Dmitry Semenov
Micro-wave photonic system for damage warning of pneumatic tires based on addressed fiber bragg structures Robert Gubaidullin
MegaM@Rt2 EU Project: Tools for Mega-Modelling at Runtime of CPSs Andrey Sadovykh
Challenges of Tracking and Documenting Open Source Dependencies in Products: A Case Study Andreas Bauer
Decision-making support for supervisory control of non-banking financial institutions Oleg Golovnin
The development of control systems based on machine vision for mining industry Vasiliy Kruglov
Development of automated information system dean’s office Nikita Magasumov

Церемония закрытия. Подведение итогов конференции